We would welcome your support through a sponsorship.  You can find out more about the costs and benefits of a sponsorship below.  We hope you will join us. There is a sponsorship for the series as well as the Jackpot classes.

The COLORADO PINTO HORSE ASSOCIATION was established in 1994 as a charter of the PtHA and has been active since. We are currently launching a campaign to attract more participation from in-state and the surrounding states thus making our shows bigger and better for the participants. We are proud of our Pinto horses and know that there are many others who may not have been aware of our activities due to our lack of being able to advertise our events and we feel if we can reach them everyone will benefit. It was recently reported that the horse industry contributed 39 billion dollars to the economy every year and by having more participants in our shows and activities will contribute to this statistic.

We know that a life with horses helps people in so many ways. Children who are active with horses and their care are much less likely to get into less desirable activities and showing together makes families closer.

With support from patrons, our Club is able to advertise our events and offer more to the participants at our events such as paybacks in selected classes.

For your sponsorship you would receive recognition for the classes or activities you sponsor and for the Patron and Show sponsorships, we would also welcome a permanent banner that would be hung around the area where our activity would take place. Patron and Show sponsors would be advertised on our web site, http://www.coptha.org and in our brochures for our shows as well as a direct recognition during the shows. Hundreds of people would be exposed to your name at our shows as well as thousands who would see our advertising in the local publications that carry the news of our activities. The amount would be distributed 50% to paybacks and 50% to finance the shows.


Sponsorship for Jackpot Classes

Again this year, we are looking for sponsorship for our Jackpot classes, with the payouts available to the top competitors in each class. Please click the link below for more details.